1. Installation:
  • Installation may be held at client’s end or at CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE Office as per discussion with client and CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE authorized person.
  • The client should check the LAN card (if not supplied by CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE), UTP cables and other communication devices whether it is on or not before calling CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE support.
  • After successfully connecting to the internet a CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE engineer will give a short demonstration (checking speed, downloading a short file) to the client.
2. Support and Troubleshooting:
  • The client may carry their computer to CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE office for Internet Troubleshooting, Software Re-installation which is free of cost.
  • Clients may request CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE Support for Troubleshooting, Internet Software Re-installation. In this case clients have to pay Tk.500/- (Five Hundred only)
3. Payment:
  • Establishment cost 86 the first-month bill has to be paid in advance along with the work-order.
  • Clients will pay the bill according to his/her Billing Category.
  • Bill should be paid by Current billing rates.
  • CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE reserves the rights to change billing rates at any time.
  • Monthly bill should be paid within 1-3 date of every month in advance (for Broadband).
  • If any client fails to pay the bill within due time, his/her Account/Connection will be blocked/disconnected without any prior notice.
  • Clients have to pay a fixed amount as a re-opening charge if his/her account is blocked due to non-payment of arrear bills.
  • Clients Should pay the bill, Either at office or bKash.
4. Use:
  • The Client can not share his/her Account/ Connection with any other party.
  • Shared Connection cannot be shared in any condition without routing connection.
5. Warranty:
  • Hardware warranty does not include replacement of any kind of spares damaged due to extraneous.
  • CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE does not guarantee any specific quality in the services.
  • CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE is not responsible for any kind of computer virus and spam effect issue.
  • CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE will not be responsible for any kind of activity done by the client who is counted as illegal or harmful to the country.
  • CHITTAGONG FOCUS ONLINE reserves the right to modify the above terms & conditions when need.